Nonprofits Take Note: Communications Are The Key To Any Fundraising Strategy

Becker Impact has been engaged in a discussion among nonprofit communications and fundraising specialists the last couple of days about whether or not nonprofit organizations should integrate their communications and development efforts.  The consensus is an emphatic YES!

Communications are the key to any fundraising strategy.  This is an underlying value of what we do here at Becker Impact – helping nonprofits, foundations and other do-gooders develop compelling messages and rooting them in the minds of stakeholders so they can move public opinion and action, and inspire donations.  Communications are the means by which you raise the funds needed to make your mission a reality; communications are the work you do to realize the goals of your organization; communications are how you make a difference.

Both communications and fundraising are processes of uncovering shared values.  Both for-profit endeavors and nonprofit organizations have a product they exchange with a consumer who values it.  In today’s 24/7, total access mobile world, there are so many choices of which media outlets to use in order to facilitate that exchange.  Communications and development must act together and make strategic decisions about how and where to allocate resources.   Messages have to be unique and compelling.   Key audiences must be clearly identified and you must know how and where to reach them.

The challenging financial times of the last several years create even greater exigency for nonprofits to make the most of their scarce resources and get their development and communications experts working together.  Our target audiences don’t care what we call the departments and professionals who do the work necessary to make the missions and visions of the nonprofits we represent compelling.  They need – and want – to be moved to action, to be inspired to donate their money and their time.  By integrating your development/fundraising and marketing/communications/PR teams’ efforts, you will significantly increase your effectiveness.

Nonprofits are getting it.  They are learning how much more of an impact they can make through their communications and fundraising work when messages are shared in an integrated way across multiple communications channels.  Interested in learning more about how your organization can jump on board?  Contact Evelyn Becker at Becker Impact, 720.648.4546.


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