Spring Ahead: 3 Tips To Maximize Your Impact During the Nonprofit Spring Fundraising Season

February 29.  Sunny and 60 in Denver, Colorado.  Spring is around the corner.  Increase in activity levels and more time spent outdoors will give many  of us the burst of energy we need to realize goals set at the beginning of the year.  Its time for renewal.  And time for the nonprofit world to gear up for the spring fundraising event season.

Becker Impact has three public relations tips for your nonprofit organization or foundation to keep in mind as you secure your keynote speaker, create those invite lists, reach out for sponsorships, produce that moving video and plan your menu.

1.  Make sure your message makes an impact.  Now is the time to make sure that your messaging is on target.  By the end of the month, your stakeholders and constituents’ inboxes will be inundated with invitations from a cacophony of causes vying for their attention.  Now is the time to make sure your brand is perfect, and that your nonprofit organization or foundations’ message is the one that stands out and gets noticed, makes an impact, and moves someone to action.

2. Have an issues management and crisis communications plan in place.  Don’t let the time and energy it takes to plan your spring event bog you down to the point that you neglect to look for, anticipate, and respond to shifting stakeholder expectations and perceptions that are likely to have important consequences for your organization.  Now is an important time to review and update your proactive public relations plan and make sure that you are influencing how important issues for your organization are framed.  If a major event involving an issue critical to your nonprofit or foundation were to happen the day before your big spring event, would you be ready to respond?

3. Start getting ready NOW for the year end fundraising that is so critical for nonprofit success.  Determine how you will use the momentum created by the strategic communications efforts implemented around your big spring event to move your organization’s goals forward through the spring and summer, and into the fall.  Now is the time to craft a proactive earned and social media plan, build your lists and get an editorial calendar in place so you’ll be ready to raise more money in Fall 2012.


Becker Impact LLC is a boutique public relations firm in Denver, Colorado that helps nonprofit organizations, foundations, government initiatives and corporate social responsibility programs effect change through the strategic use of innovative public relations and communications.  To learn more about how to maximize the spring nonprofit fundraising season and make an impact, please contact: Evelyn Becker, 720.648.4546; ebecker@beckerimpact.com.


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